The teens have a bundle of energy stored in them. They have dreams and dare to live their dreams.They have the capacity and desire to reach for the dreams. But at times, they find themselves dealing with people, relationship and circumstances which overwhelm them. At this stage , all a teen requires is a friendly helping hand of someone who feels (not merely understand) the concern and suggest workable and acceptable strategies  in a language understood by the teens. Someone who can show them that it is possible to turn your dreams into reality and that each one of them is the chosen one. Sanjay has been addressing teen issues in reputed Schools all over India. DSC02865
Sanjay is known for his talks that take the students through a roller coaster journey of their lives  thus helping them develop a perspective of their lives vis a vis lives of successful people around the world.  He educates them in the inevitability of failures, mistakes and pains and suggest strategies to handle them.Through his talks he ignites the passion, imagination and confidence in a teen about the latent talents they have parked deep in their souls. His talks helps them ascertain their Identity, realise the importance of Moral standards in their self Schema and develop and maintain a Coherent and extremely powerful and purposeful SELF.


Dream and Live the Dream A Motivational Talk by Mr Sanjay Pande_16.4.2015_3

Dream and Live the Dream A Motivational Talk by Mr Sanjay Pande_16.4.2015_1

MotiLal Nehru Sports School, Rai “The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.” ― Thomas Paine

Sanjay Pande does NOT charge anything for his talks at Schools. No one is required to make any payment to whomsoever. It is purely his personal initiative, borne out of philanthropic concerns and a sense of giving back to his country for what the country has given to him. Invite him to speak at your School.