The journey of an entrepreneur is a journey for dreams. It is anything but easy. You are tested on your way to your dream. You make mistakes and falter. You learn and you grow. You strategies and re-strategies.The challenges are not only financial or monitory or systemic. The challenges emerge from society, family and even within. There is a fear of failure and at times the belief in the self is hard to have. The challenges, failures, obstacles and the pain are so awesome that you feel as if there is nothing left, there is no way, there is no option, there is nothing more, its a dead end. And that “that’s it”. And at about just the time when you are to succeed you throw in the towel.
4 Maharathi
Sanjay Pande has been delivering talks on entrepreneurship for over a decade now. His talks derive from the real life experiences of the entrepreneurs. Both who made it and also those who could’nt. His talks encourage the entrepreneurs to realize that they were born to succeed. They were endowed with all necessary talent and strengths required to realize their dreams and that the down-times are the times which help them realise their true strength. These times stretch them beyond their comfort zones and into arena of life which reveal the treasure of strength and talents that lies hidden within them.

Invite Sanjay Pande to deliver Motivational talks to the entrepreneurs.  These talks are absolutely free of cost. No one is required to make any payment to whomsoever. These are a way of giving back to the society for what the society has given.