These are times of stiff competition and ever increasing complexities. Times of Job security are bygone. Performance expectations from the employee are on a rise. Job stress and burn outs are more common than ever before. Authentic leadership is rare and Motivation is a casualty. Work life balance has been severely disturbed. Employees find themselves overwhelmed by their own lives. Gadgets and social media has robbed the individuals of recuperation times and the lines demarcating personal and office times are dissolving. In these circumstances it is difficult to ensure that the employees are at the best of their physical and psychological health.DSC02906
Sanjay has been researching the issue of authentic happiness, success and failure for more than a decade now. His talks, deriving from this research and his own life experiences, when delivered in his own energetic, inimitable and powerful style enables the audience to look beyond their present relationships and circumstances. The talks inspire the audience to function from their possibilities as against their precedence. The talks challenge the audience to throw off the life of mediocrity, compromise and abject subjugation to ones own weaknesses and have a larger vision of themselves, be proud of themselves and love their work and life.DSC02822

All these talks are free of cost and the Organisation/Employee is not required to pay anyone anything whatsoever. These are purely personal initiative of Sanjay Pande and his way of giving back to the society for whatever has he been given by the society.

Invite him to speak to your employees. These talks are absolutely free of cost. No one is required to make any payment to whomsoever. These talks are a result of  the passion fo Sanjay Pande to touch the lives around him and give back to the society for what the society has given to him.