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This stage of life is remarkable for it’s courage, energy, power, enthusiasm, passion, creativity, possibilities and a sense of Idealism. But this stage also brings in restlessness, doubts, growing sense of burden of responsibility, anxiety, distractions and pressure to succumb to the demands of the times. Where you reach at the end of your journey depends on what weighed with you during this stage. This is the stage when one has to inevitably make choices. Most of the times these choices are mutually exclusive and difficult to make. At stake are relationships, ideals, egos, comfort, happiness and success. The conflict gets so tough that it becomes difficult to see too deep into the future and one invariably returns to the past as a reference. This is the start of the END.



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Sanjay  with his powerful Motivational talks inspires the youth to hold their dreams close to their heart and meet the challenges fearlessly. He rouses them to face their fears head on, learn from their failures with passion, handle their mistakes with grace and optimism and have belief in their Dreams. His talks  reignite within the youth the fire that was doused by the worldly experiences. He stirs the deepest layers of the existence to start a churning within to understand and explore the reason of ones being, and focuses the youth on the possibilities of the future rather than the experiences of the past.