“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”
Martin Luther King Jr


Finding Motivation when the Chips are down

Talk at OBC Academy

With a change in the economic and social realities of the country, the Banking sector has undergone tremendous change. It is essential to be fiercely  competitive in the market.  But this   has placed unprecedented demands on the workforce and their are reports of growing dissatisfaction, disillusionment, burn outs, stress.   This can be any organisation’s nightmare.Therefore the banks need to  take care of the physical as well as psychological health of its workforce.

The afternoon at the OBC Academy witnessed a forceful and powerful talk delivered to the officers of the Bank, rousing them to face the phenomenon called life with grace on the face, shine in the eyes, hope in the hearts; and faith in the souls. The talk suggested processes and strategies one can adopt to handle failure, mistakes, emotions and obstacles and being in control of ones life rather being on a slide to the neither. Click here for more